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Based in France DSA Europe operates in specialised areas within the insurance industry. Our goal is to promote new and innovative insurance products throughout Europe as well as promoting improved, higher value, versions of existing products. We intend, within five years to be the market leaders in our chosen field.

As a company, when collaborating with our partners we operate an open and equitable policy and do not undervalue the benefits of treating both partners and clients in a fair and transparent manner.

Whereas we do operate partnerships with traditional brokering institutions as well as individual agencies, the core principle of the company is volume, direct sales to the end user through the Internet. This allows the end user to benefit from reasonably priced products which offer tremendous value.

Each product line is individually managed and resourced, with DSA continually striving to obtain the best possible rates from a range of different underwriters to ensure that we always remain the market leader in our specialised fields.

DSA Currently operates in the UK, Spain, France and Hungary, promoting various different products. Our product range is continually expanding and we welcome suggestions from producers and distributors seeking underwriting solutions.

DSA EUROPE have negotiated sole distribution rights of all the policies we are promoting within the EU

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